Implementation analyses

The most commonly made mistake in internet projects is that companies do not have a proper plan.
From our experience, we know that each action should be deeply analyzed, and the conclusions should be consulted with the customer. The end effect of the analysis is a detailed report. It serves as a basis base for the final decision about further works.


• Business optimization.
• Marking out methods to realize strategies.
• Planning optimal use of system capabilities.
• Satisfying users from working with system.
• Finishing project on time.
• Keeping implementation costs on a planned level.
• Minimizing difficulties in company’s daily routine during system implementation.

The Process


During the analysis,  we are having a set of meetings with the client to meet their needs in certain areas, such as:  company structure and business processes. We include document circulation and data exchange processes.


Identifying and describing business processes in client’s company.
Recommendation of new functions to implement – these are all business processes and new functions that we would like to implement.
Recommended way of implementation (including involved resources from client’s company)
Analysis and evaluation of benefits.
Detailed schedule of programmers work, implementation, tests and trainings.
Estimated final cost of whole project.
• Evaluation of technical infrastructure relative to the   compatibility with the new system.

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