To separate design from testing is the key to high quality of software. That is why TC Software decided to offer this service separately.



  • Savings – Resigning from software testing allows for savings only superficially. Final tests are often done by final users in the last stage of the project. Formally, the company does not incur additional costs, employees carry out the tests instead of their daily duties.
  • Safety – tests made by the external company allows for catching all bugs which can cause serious damages and losses.

Possibilities for tests

Programming stage – Implementing of automatic tests allows you to verify if the business logic in project works correctly.
Mile steps – After finishing milestones we offer functional tests. The user is doing a scenario of actions which has to bring the a to precise result. These test can be performed by our testers or we can program a set of tests that will test the system automatically-you can use them anytime and as many times as you want.
After programming stage – Preparation to implementation. We offer complex system tests that confirms its safety, stability and being ready for implementation.
After Implementation – After some time, every system needs an upgrade or adding new functions. After additional programming work we do regressive tests, which will verify if the new functionality works correctly with the previous one.

Types of tests

• Functional tests – For the entire system. If these tests has been prepared during programming work, we can know if the system is working correctly without any additional costs.
Integration tests – We examine if the new system communicates correctly with other systems that it shares data with.
Efficiency tests – Helps to verify if the established parameters of production environment will be enough to make the system work efficiently and in a stable manner. These tests can also show us system reserves.
Speed tests – Key function of the system. We verify whether  the speed of loading enables the user to work comfortably with the system. We also compare them with competitors and suggest solutions to speed up the system.
Safety tests – Our specialists responsible for safety tests analyze, test production environment and the entire system to confirm data and process security. In case of threats, they show potential problems and solutions.
A/B tests – When system works faultlessly, we can use the time we have saved on perfecting the system. A/B tests will verify which interface version is more effective relative  to customer’s aims.

Applied Tools

• Selenium
• PHPUnit
• Selena
• QF-Test
• Vienna
• TestLink
• Microsoft Test Manger (MTM)
• QADirecto


    Adam Dziedzic
    Chief Executive Officer
    tel. +48 22 89 00 100