Creating project documentation is the result of a precise, deliberate planning of information’s architecture, structure and functionality of a future project. The design documentation presents programming recommendations and a coherent concept of the future web portal, online store, web or mobile application. The proposed concrete solutions and detailed instructions for developer’s indicatie key elements for future users of the system.

Functional Specifications.
Documentation (functional specification) requirements is one of the key products of the IT project, on which  the quality of the product formed during the implementation and testing largely depends. Imprecise, inconsistent, incomplete or even incorrect functional specification subsequently results in errors in the application code, resulting in gaps in the analysis, a misunderstanding of the requirements by the developers, misinterpretation, etc… Most of these problems can be avoided by good practice in creating specifications, and by eliminating the most frequent mistakes.

Technical Specification.
Documentation (specifications) of technical requirements is a document containing a detailed description of the technology, modules, layering, and other elements of the final product. Technical Specifications serve as the official instructions for the developer’s team. Its absence leads to inconsistent application, incompatible with the standards. Such practice significantly increases the cost of the entire project.

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