Overall description

Nakayo Telecommunications have decided to start EU distribution of itspopular in Japan, desk phones using VoIP technology and based on the Android operating system. The product was based on Android 3.0, which resulted in not fitting with the modern standards. Limited budget allowed for refreshing the UI and optimization of system functions.

Objectives and courses of the project

• Improving the navigation and refreshing the interface.
• Improving user experience.
• Adaptation of the system to the EU market.
• Enabling the phone for both online and offline use

Project courses
During cooperation, we have designed, programmed and implemented a brand new interface as well as we added few functions that are necessary on the EU market. The implementation was preceded with analysis and data exchange with Nakayo’s tech department in Japan.

Scope of work



• Designing new interface.
• Programming and implementation of new applications.
• Creating in-app layouts.
• Implementation of solutions allowing users to store data from built-in memory on external server.
• Optimization of key functions and UX of the interface.

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